14 Books We Read This Week

‘Cell Song’ Review: A Sweet Journey Inside

Inside the membrane of the cell wall, the minute world on which all life depends. Review by David A. Shaywitz

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‘The Passenger’ and ‘Stella Maris’: Cormac McCarthy Returns

The author of ‘The Road’ takes the mystery of size to a pair of classic tales. Review by Sam Sacks

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Two books on the Vatican in today’s world

Studies on ‘Catholicism: A World History from the French Revolution to Pope Francis’ and ‘Sanctifying the World: The Important Legacy of Vatican II.’ A review by DG Hart

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‘Sidney Reilly’ Review: A Spy at His Service

A secret agent and another con artist were the inspiration for James Bond. Review by Diane Cole

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‘Confessions’ Review: Above the Dust

While other writers of his generation cut stylish figures, AN Wilson went deep into literature. Review by Brenda Cronin

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Mysteries: The house with teeth and claws

Andy Davidson’s creepy ‘The Leading Kind,’ and mysteries from Jussi Adler-Olsen and Robert Crais. Review by Tom Nolan

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‘Emily Post’s Etiquette’ Review: Please and Thank You

A hundred years later, a woman who taught in America in the 20th century still has some lessons to learn. Review by Meghan Cox Gurdon

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Science Fiction and Fantasy: Folk Horror’s Hidden Coolness

Reviews of ‘Lute’ and ‘The Gathering Darkness: An Anthology of Folk Horror.’ Review by Liz Braswell

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‘Sisters’ Review: Siblings of Sensibility

Contemporaries of Jane Austen, the Porter sisters pioneered the history book—though the glory went elsewhere. Review by Malcolm Forbes

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Top Five: Secret Love Books

Selected by Lyndall Gordon, author, most recently, ‘The Hyacinth Girl: TS Eliot’s Secret Muse.’

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