AFAN to provide gadgets, inputs for 20 million Nigerian farmers

Tingo Mobile, an Agri-Fintech Company, has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) to provide gadgets, farm inputs in the form of loan to about 20 million farmers across the country.

In the MoA, AFAN is expected to stand in for farmers who would access the credit facilities and payback within a period of 36 months, using their farm produce.

Tingo will provide inputs such as fertilizer, sprayers, tractors, chemicals among others for the 20 million farmers.

The Chief Commercial Officer of Tingo Mobile, Ayoola Olaide, said they will unite farmers and provide them with telecommunications and fintech solutions that will enable them to access global markets.

He further said that the initiative will also give farmers tools that they will use to charge their farm products and also be able to sell and get their payment on time.

“We bring together farmers across the country and provide them with telecommunications and fintech solutions that allow farmers to access global markets and can give much incentives facilities and materials that will help farmers to make sure that their products meet international standards. And they have access to The global market.

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“Our business would allow us to give farmers mobile gadgets and the gadgets can be repaid over a period of 36 months with the least arrangements.

With this gadget, farmers will have voice and data calls so that they can upload their farm products and also be able to sell and receive their parents in a walk.

“As technology advances, we also come up with more solutions and we have partners around the world.

“We have seen that over the years, the rural communities have been neglected and we know that food is actually the most basic thing around the world, and if we concentrate on the agricultural sector, we will be able to change the world.

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“With this initiative, we believe that our collaboration with AFAN will provide farmers with everything they need to be able to do well in their businesses,” he noted.

Chris Cleverly – President, Tingo Inc and Tingo International Holdings Inc said that Tingo provides the technology support and other things that assist farmers to get a good harvest.

“AFAN coming together with Tingo is of great importance at this time, now we have global crisis, domestic crisis with food, climate. Food security is national security, national security is international security.

So when we work together, we get to understand that we are working at a much higher level.

“At Tingo, we produce fintech, we produce telecommunications support, we produce the things that help the farmer to be the hero of our story, because when we make the farmer strong, we are all stronger.

“Tingo has more than $2 billion market capital. We have identified the issues which is liquidity to the farmers. So we will provide the farm inputs so that the farmers can plant and they need access to capital.

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“Thus, Tingo has provided a smartphone that has an application that allows the farmer to communicate with the rest of the world and also transact, we have provided the market that is open for business.

“Tingo mobile will provide the loans that will come as farm inputs like seeds, tractors, fertilizer, chemicals, cash loans and resource service, and when the farmers harvest, they will repay their loans with their farm produce” CEO Tingo Mobile Plc, Auwal Maude explained.

The president of AFAN, Dr. Farouk Mudi, said that he believes that with this type of project, the country’s economy will be secure.

He said the initiative will deal with the farmers directly and the middlemen completely eliminated.


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