AI Drug Discovery Company Elix Commences Joint Research With Proprietary Screening Technology Holder SEEDSUPPLY

Tokyo–(Business WireElix, Inc. (CEO: Shinya Yuki / HQ: Tokyo, hereinafter “Elix”) and SEEDSUPPLY INC. (CEO: Naoki Tarui / HK: Kanagawa, each “SEEDSUPPLY”) hereby announce the start of joint research.

SEEDSUPPLY ( proposes an agile drug discovery process for small molecules that uses binder selection technology as a proprietary compound screening method. This technology can perform compound screening of any protein or RNA, thereby providing drug discovery seeds for various drug discovery targets, including those for which biochemical activity measurement is challenging. In addition, a binding compound database built for specific drug discovery target classes will be used for target selection, improving the efficiency and success rate of drug discovery processes. Furthermore, the database provides the potential for a wide application.

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Elix ( is an AI drug discovery company with the mission of “Rethinking Drug Discovery.” To reduce costs and time while increasing the success rate of the drug discovery pipeline, Elix focuses on the use of machine learning in projects aimed at pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutes. Elix has developed and released “Elix Discovery™,” the all-in-one platform for AI drug discovery, providing everything from models for property prediction and molecular design, to consulting and implementation support in one package (https://www.elix In addition to currently providing drug discovery support, Elix is ​​also considering future in-house drug discovery.

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In this joint research project, SEEDSUPPLY will use Elix’s proprietary AI technology with the aim of dramatically increasing the efficiency of screening processes. Elix will incorporate the wealth of data from SEEDSUPPLY, particularly its data on key drug discovery targets such as membrane proteins, into the AI’s training pipeline, thereby advancing technology for in silico Techniques to screen for compounds with superior properties.

Elix and SEEDSUPPLY aim to leverage their respective strengths to reduce the cost and time of small molecule drug discovery and address targets that have proven difficult for conventional drug discovery approaches.

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  • Comments from Elix CEO Shinya Yuki

    By combining the data acquired through SEEDSUPPLY’s proprietary technology and our proprietary AI models, we hope to find even more unique technological developments. We believe that this technology will give great possibilities in screening for highly difficult targets at low cost in a short time, and in efficiently searching expansive chemical spaces.

  • Comments by SEEDSUPPLY CEO Naoki Tarui

    Our company’s binding compound database is of the highest quality, because all the content is measured using the same method. By combining it with Elix’s superior AI technology, we hope to create new developments in AI drug discovery technology.


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