Behind Every Star season 1 review

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This expertly dives into the lives and careers of those who work beneath the surface of the entertainment industry.

We review the Netflix K-Drama series Behind the Stars season 1, without major spoilers.

We can all imagine the busy lives of those who work behind the scenes of entertainment. Whether you work in PR, or as a full-time talent agency, the demands seem endless, and your colleagues can sometimes be tricky. Or at least that’s what Netflix is K-Drama Behind All Stardirected by Baek Seung-ryong and written by Park So-youngit shows us in a fictional way.

The core of the programs are those employed by Method Entertainment, a talent agency that manages a roster of 30 actors. They are all casual workers, tasked with, as stated in the first episode, “distribution, schedule management, promotion, scheduling, contracts, marketing, and everything else about the actor’s job.” However, their different personalities within the company differ. Director Ma (Lee Seo-jin) he is a lively but always composed man, who is never afraid to control the situation. Chun Je-in (To Sun-young) it is a determined, well-presented agent, whose ability is combined with defined strength. For now, Kim Jung-don (Seo Hyun-woo) is a kind-hearted but confused worker, who takes good care of those around him, just like a fist. After that, So Hyun-joo (Joo Hyun-young) is a wildcard, a rookie with plenty of mistakes in him, albeit someone with obvious grit.

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by and large Behind All Star it’s fun stuff, thanks in part to the successful addition of actors who play exaggerated versions of themselves during the standalone stories that run alongside the main plot points. They offer a refreshing change of pace, often include well-crafted comedy, and feature great actors Lee Hee-joon a chance to show a different side to them. Furthermore, having these player legends in the agency makes the other moving parts feel more influential, as we don’t see much in the development of arcs like how the future of the company will play out until necessary. So, despite the episodes clocking in at over an hour, there’s a real quickness to the pace, and it doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of extra fat around the edges.

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That being said, some dynamics sometimes become a tad repetitive, such as the arguments between Je-in and Jung-don. Yes, they are a natural part of working life, but when the topics of discussion are always the same or very similar, it can all feel circular. Although this is a minor issue, especially when Park So-young does such a great job of writing characters that feel complete and full of depth, in only two episodes.

Of course, no show is complete without a good performance, and the game of Behind All Star it does a seamless job of bringing a script to life. Kwak Sun-young is excellent as Je-in, powering her image of a tough agent to the point of unflinching investment. Notably, rising actor Joo Hyun-young gives his role as So Hyun-woo a wonderful relationship-based fear. As for others, Kim Tae-oh gives a wonderful performance as the fiery Choi Jin-hyeok, Lee Seo-jin is always consistent as the laced Ma Tae-oh, while Seo Hyun-woo portrays the gentle weight of Kim Jung-don for a memorable performance of his part.

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Complete with an office background and a wide color palette, this is the Korean version of the French series. Call My Agent! could easily end up a sleeper hit. Clever, engaging, and surprising in all the right places, it’s a show that looks to be worth committing to for 12 episodes, especially for fans looking for something that knows when it’s meta.

What did you think of the Netflix K-Drama after Every Star season 1? Comment below.

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