By the Book: Himani Dalmia’s empathetic book focuses on the joys of reading, David Walliams returns with a supersonic adventure

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For book lovers and librarians of a certain generation in the country, Bandana Sen is a beloved name. Sen, who died in 2018, began his career working at the American International School in what was then Calcutta, and, after that, spent nearly four decades at the American Diplomatic School in New Delhi, building libraries. He was also instrumental in establishing libraries and learning programs in all Pathways Schools in the NCR and nurturing librarians to carry forward his rich legacy of freedom through books. Thami’s gift it is the gift of his daughter-in-law Himani Dalmia to Sen and the beautiful and imaginative world he built for his granddaughters Devika and Yamini since before their birth.

Unlike her younger sister, soon after Thammi became a star, Devika had spent the first years of her life clinging to Thammi, then reading stories from a home library so large that she had painstakingly built up everything possible. of the book. However, as she turns five, Devika is faced with changes all around – she has to leave her old school and join a new one, she still misses her grandmother and feels confused and confused. But, his surprise turns into a miracle when one morning, long before anyone wakes up, as he wanders around his room, a star shoots out of his room and the shape of Thami appears. Together, they begin to learn things that are not at home and far away from Thammi’s place. It gives Devika hope and confidence in her new journey ahead – after that, Thammi tells her about her friend who will be waiting for her at the new school.

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Dalmia’s writing is confident and full of empathy – it’s clear that the book comes from a place of love, not just for a beloved family member but also for the shared activities that run through the family like a thread that binds them together. This is a book that overflows with warmth and love, and faith in the healing power of reading. Priya Kuriyan’s illustrations are, as usual, a world unto themselves, full of deep details that tell a story of their own.

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David Walliams
Suitable for: 7 years +

books, children's books, children's reading, children's books, reading, by Book, 'Thammi's Gift' by Himani Dalmia, 'Spaceboy' by David Walliams, book recommendations, parenting, indian express news Photo:

As NASA’s long-awaited Artemis 1 mission gets closer to landing on the moon on Monday, David Walliams’ new book Spaceboy throws his fans on an epic adventure of a different kind, set in the American Midwest. It’s the early 1960s and the space war between the US and the USSR is nearing a crescendo. After the death of her parents, 12-year-old orphan Ruth is sent to live with her cousin Aunt Dorothy, who hates children and Ruth’s only use is to set her to work on her ostrich farm. Ruth never got the chance to go to school, but she has one secret wish – to travel in space like her hero, Yuri Gagarin, and his faithful three-legged pet named Yuri. But one fine night, Aunt Dorothy discovers her prized possession – a broken telescope that she opened and broke in two. That same night a UFO bursts into flames near their farmhouse and Ruth meets Spaceboy, an alien. The Adventure continues and Ruth and Spaceboy will have the time of their lives, even if it is washed away by the hardships and challenges of heartless adults.

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Distressed adults, a child in need of love, and a series of lively, over-the-top wishes – Walliams has long proven himself to be a master of this time-tested formula, a man who knows how to deliver. his reading is exactly what he needs. Spaceboy no difference, increasing the laugh quotient as the journey continues. Adam Stower, who takes over the artist mantle from Tony Ross, holds his own admirably. Together, the two confirmed that Walliams’ latest book, too, would join his group of bestsellers.

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