Drift Creek Falls Hike

Drift Creek Falls Hike – During our trip down the Oregon coast we searched for all the best photography spots and we heard from many locals that their favorite was the Drift Creek Falls Hike.

The walk is not too long, but gives you a chance to see a beautiful view of the waterfall and cross a beautiful suspension bridge. The trail is wide and well maintained, but remember that all this ease down to the falls means you have to walk on the way back.

Drift Creek Falls Hike

The path is straight except for a fork. After a short walk over seasonal creeks with a few small bridges there is an alternative route up. It still takes you to the same place, but the path is not as maintained as the original path and gains more height. We continued on the main path.

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Continue down the path until you reach the bridge. This kind of thing comes out of nowhere and is a big surprise. Crossing the 240-foot suspension bridge, you look down a 100-foot deep gorge and get your first glimpse of the 75-foot Horsetail Falls. Cross the bridge and you can continue walking through the gorge to get a view of the falls from below.

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Tags: day trip, hiking tips, hiking trails near me, lincoln city oregon, oregon beach hikes, Oregon hikes, Oregon waterfall hikes, siuslaw national forest, suspension bridge near me, me Nearest Falls, Nearest Falls Middrift Creek Falls is a beautiful hike that takes you over the longest suspension bridge in Oregon and drops you in front of a 66-foot waterfall. This tour is heavily trafficked, but family-friendly, dog-friendly, and not difficult to complete. The hike to Drift Creek Falls consists of a reverse height gain (starting at the bottom and ending at the top) working through lush forests up to the river canyon where the falls are.

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Drift Creek Falls Trail

Getting there: Depending on your direction of travel, there are a number of options for getting to Drift Creek Falls TH. All these roads are accessible to all vehicles, but the roads are very narrow in parts and have dead ends, so drive carefully.

Parking: The parking area for this walk can accommodate about 30-35 cars and will be full on busy weekends. There is also a non-plumbing toilet in TH.

Camping: I’m not aware of any camping options in the area, but if you know of any, please comment below so I can add them here.

Make it a loop: The hike to Drift Creek Falls is an out-and-back hike, but you can add a short detour to the roughly one mile hike. This adds incredible mileage but takes hikers a bit off the beaten path.

Hike The Drift Creek Falls Trail

Drift Creek Falls is a return trip. This means that the trip down to the waterfall is completely downhill, and then you have to climb all the way back up to get back to your car. Rating is not very high, but it is worth noting.

Hiking Tip: When you cross the suspension bridge (the longest in Oregon), you have two places to see Drift Creek Falls – the upper and lower overlooks. Although it may seem tempting to walk directly from the top down to the viewpoint, do everyone a favor and take the official route down to this point. You can easily wade through the river to get to the same spot and not cause significant erosion of the hillside.

Best attractions: It’s fun to walk through lush forests, but let’s be honest, the star of the show for this walk is the waterfall and suspension bridge. There are many good viewpoints and I highly recommend exploring both the upper and lower viewpoints next to the waterfall downstream.

Oregon was battling a June 2021 heat wave and was poised to cool off at the coast. Before we arrived we wanted to do a hike and Drift Creek Falls was next on our list. We arrived late afternoon on a weekday with a half full parking lot. Many hikers had already marked the waterfall and were heading back to TH, so when we got to the waterfall we had the area to ourselves. We spent some time enjoying the beautiful view and the cool weather.

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Hike Drift Creek Falls: Oregon Coast Trail With Suspension Bridge!

It was a very easy walk and one I would repeat in a heartbeat. It is family friendly, dog friendly and offers beautiful views of the majestic Ice Falls.

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Drift Creek Falls winds through a dense, wet forest. Oven carpet the ground and cover everything in a green shade. As you walk, it seems that the walk will lead you in endless circles, but soon the secret of the forest will be revealed.

Located in Oregon’s Siuslaw National Forest, this 3-mile out-and-back loop winds through wooded forests and over small bridges with canyons below. The wet, wide and well-maintained course offers an easy descent along the way. But be prepared to walk up this hill on your way back to your car.

I Heart Pacific Northwest

A mile and a half down the winding, dirt and winding trails you suddenly hit a 240 foot suspension bridge. The Drift Creek Falls Suspension Bridge hangs 100 feet above the river below, offering a unique view of Drift Creek Falls, Oregon. We had seen pictures of the bridge online, but nothing can prepare you for the sheer size and shock of seeing it for the first time. I was totally amazed at how the bridge looks from the ground, yet it blends seamlessly into the landscape.

Built in 1997, the 3-foot wide suspension bridge is supported by large cables anchored to the cliffs on both sides of the bridge. The slight movement across it adds an extra element of tension that I didn’t think about.

The closer you get to the bridge, the louder the sound of rushing water becomes. And once on the bridge, Drift Creek Falls will be in full view. The powerful rushing water crashing against the rocks creates a soothing background sound as you look down at the river 100 feet below.

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If you walk over the bridge, if you can afford it, take a picture and enjoy the view. During our rainy walk we encountered a few other walkers, but it is not unusual for the bridge to be full of walkers.

Drift Creek Falls, Hiking In Oregon, Pacific Northwest

After enjoying all the views from Bridge Vantage Point on your Drift Creek Falls tour, we recommend walking the extra ¼ mile to the base of Drift Creek Falls. From there you will find a wonderful photo opportunity of the falling water with the suspension bridge in the background.

It’s also a great place to stop and enjoy lunch at the nearby picnic tables, or cast a line and see what fish you can catch. Just be sure to follow Oregon fishing regulations.

If you​​​​are looking for a way to extend the Drift Creek Falls hiking experience, try the North Trail. After some small bridges on the main path, before the suspension bridge, there is a congo on the path.

If you choose the northern trail, which is 0.8 kilometers long, it will take you to old growth forest. This trail can be very muddy, but is often less crowded and can provide a quieter walking experience.

Drift Creek Falls Hike

After 0.8 kilometers the northern track connects back to the main path so you can continue your walk.

To find the Drift Creek Falls trailhead, located in Otis, Oregon, go to the intersection of Oregon Highway 18 and Highway 101. From there, drive 4.5 miles down Highway 18 and then turn south on Bear Creek County Road. After three and a half miles, turn onto Forest Service Road 17. Continue 7 miles to the trailhead.

In the past, the Drift Creek Falls hike was easily accessible from Lincoln City, but recent rocks have blocked the road that provided access. now,

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