Gattis Lake Charles

Gattis Lake Charles – Like its sister store in Lake Charles, Mr. Gatti’s Pizza in Sulfur took a hit during the storms and cold weather. As in most places, it took two steps forward and two steps back. Mr. Gatti in Lake Charles recently opened his doors with open arms and looks forward to returning and serving the area. Now it looks like the Sulfur store is doing the same thing.

They started posting in August that they would be back soon and in September they started shouting that they were actually hiring! Impatient pizza fans started blowing up their Facebook page, repeatedly asking when they would open it.

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Gattis Lake Charles

Luckily we don’t have to wait any longer! Someone on the local Sulfur Facebook group went ahead and called Gatti’s on Sulfur to get to the bottom of the situation. In fact, these rumors were true. He confirmed that they do in fact intend to open in mid-October! Below this post, another comment says that they were actually hoping for an opening date of October 18th. Now he is quick to say that it is a hopeful day, and he will not hold him in the fire if it does not happen.

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Lafayette’s Revolving Door Restaurant Culture

Gatti showed pictures of the lounge, food and the renovated Gattiland. Just like the Lake Charles area, everything has been upgraded. Gattiland has even developed modern and rich games on its site! Let’s hope they stick to the opening date and bring Sulfur back to serving pizza!

I still laugh when I think about eating Gatti’s pizza. For some reason when I was young I always thought that rich people ate gatti. I went to my friend’s house and we swam in his pool. For lunch his mother ordered Gatti’s pepperoni pizza. As I said, they must have been rich. You can’t tell me there’s a better combination than chlorinated water running over your Gatti pepperoni pizza while you’re wrapped in a towel eating around a glass table by the pool.

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