Immortality Is Free (With Netflix) On Mobile Starting Today

Immortality, the latest game from Telling Lies director Sam Barlow, is now available on mobile via Netflix. Developer HalfMermaid announced back in August that the game would be making its way to Apple and Android devices, as soon as the studio felt confident that Netflix members could get the “best possible experience” on these platforms.

Released earlier this year, Immortality is focused on solving the mystery behind the disappearance of fictional actress Marissa Marcel by scrubbing through footage from her film appearances to find clues to her whereabouts. Like other games from the Netflix library, these are full downloads and are not streamed to your mobile device. For Immortality, expect this story-heavy mystery to take up 12GB of space on your device.

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“The latest game from Sam Barlow and Half Mermaid is based on what you’d expect while also subverting its own genre in clever ways,” wrote Mark Delaney in GameSpot’s Immortality review. “It’s similar to its predecessors, Telling Lies and Her Story, in several key ways, but also more thought-provoking, and certainly more unnerving than you’ll be prepared for.”

Netflix’s gaming division, which it launched at the end of 2021, has seen a major expansion throughout 2022. Available for free to subscribers, the company has focused on ports of cult-classic games such as Into the Breach and is also investing heavily in Developing its own original titles.

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The company currently has 55 games in development, some of which are based on existing Netflix IP, and the streaming platform also wants to create more synergy between its media formats, similar to how the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime series helped boost the profile of Cyberpunk 2077 this year.

While an earlier report this year revealed that less than 1% of Netflix subscribers actually download games from its growing library, Netflix said it is seeing “some encouraging signs of gameplay” leading to higher retention of its subscriber base.

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