Know where to file a complaint when you don’t get the insurance claim money

Insurance claim: Know where to file a claim when you don’t get the insurance claim money

Insurance claim: Everyone today buys insurance coverage while making financial plans. Any type of life and health insurance can be included in this policy. People often get insurance plans but fail to file their claims on time. As a result, they face many problems. The insurance company regularly receives complaints from policy holders, but these are usually ignored. There is no reason to worry if this has happened to you too. Here are some of the procedures you can use to file a complaint in these circumstances:

Contact the Grievance Redressal Officer to lodge a complaint:

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A grievance redressal officer is essential for any insurance firm to address consumer complaints. If your claim is denied, you must first file a complaint with the company’s grievance redressal officer. You can file a complaint for this at the insurance company’s office closest to you or online. It should be noted that the majority of complaints about the non-receipt of claims are resolved at the insurance company level. You can file a formal complaint if you are not heard here as well.

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File a complaint with IRDAI, the insurance regulatory body:

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India’s insurance industry is governed by the IRDAI. In such a scenario any consumer can file a complaint here in case of any insurance related issue. The company’s Grievance Redressal Officer is mandated by IRDAI regulations to respond to any consumer complaints within 15 days. If the customer is still dissatisfied even after this, they can file a complaint by going to the IRDAI website. Additionally, you can file a complaint through the organization’s official email address, [email protected] Calling his toll-free number is also an option.

You can also lodge a complaint with the Insurance Ombudsman:

If you are not satisfied with the Company’s Grievance Redressal Officer and IRDAI’s decision, you can also file a complaint with the Insurance Ombudsman. A total of 17 insurance ombudsmen were selected for this task in different regions of the country. It should be noted that every policyholder must lodge a complaint with the local insurance ombudsman. By visiting the Lokpal office you have to fill Forms P-II and P-III. The insurance company’s office or official website can provide information on the policyholder’s required locations. You should then send the hard copy of your complaint by speed post to the Lokpal office after posting your copy of the complaint.

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