Lake Jordan Beach

Lake Jordan Beach – Jordan Lake has it all: beaches, camping, hiking trails, birdwatching, boating and lots of beautiful nature. mainly because it’s only an hour away from Fayetteville. It’s a great choice for a day of sun and water adventure. Here’s my Jordan Lake swimming guide with everything you need to know to plan your adventure.

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Lake Jordan Beach

This is a great tip to make filling your weekend easy and stress-free and experiencing North Carolina to the fullest.

Jordan Lake Fills Up For Memorial Day

Jordan Lake is about an hour from Fayetteville. Give or take a little depending on where you come from.

It’s easy to get to these beaches using the beach names on Google Maps. Each area is well signed and easy to find as you approach.

There is a $7 entrance fee per vehicle that you pay at the booth when you drive up. Cards are accepted but we recommend bringing cash in case there is a problem with the machine.

You can easily spend a day at each location, but if you want to visit multiple beaches in one day You can easily cross to another beach.

The Dead Sea Salt Lake Jordan Stock Image

Make sure you keep the receipt after paying the entrance fee. Then when you go to the next beach Just show your receipt and you’ll get your pass.

If you are from Fayetteville This is the closest beach, however, they are all close together. So there is no significant difference in driving.

It seems to be one of the most popular beaches because it’s always crowded when I go. Even on a weekday or in the morning when it first opens.

Ebenezer has a real family atmosphere. You have a large sandy area for sunbathing. Marked lake swimming area. Grill. Large bathroom building. and playground

Vista Point Beach

There is a small grass area if you want to sit inside. But be aware that there is a place in the grass.

It’s a nice change from the bigger and more popular beaches. And I really like the silence there.

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You may want to bring an umbrella or shade if you plan to be there all day as shaded areas are limited. especially compared to other beaches

It’s a big beach area. And there is also a large shaded area with tables and grills. because it’s popular You might want to come early to get a table if you want.

Jordan Lake State Recreation Area, Us Vacation Rentals: House Rentals & More

Be careful while you’re there because it gives you and Ebenezer a good chance to see the Bald Eagle. Fun fact is that Jordan Lake has the largest number of Bald Eagles in the eastern United States.

One of my visits I saw once on the flight and they look very elegant even looking from afar

In fact, all of the listed beach areas are more similar than others, but I like Parkers Creek because I like the trees and shade near the beach. It’s really cool.

There is also a wide beach and water play area for you to realize and cool off in the lagoon.

Rundfahrt Steinhuder Meer 2011

Of course, you can bring your own food, use a stove and spend the day on the beach. But what if you want to visit a local restaurant and socialize your day? I recommend going to Pittsboro, which is about 20 minutes away.

For lunch, I recommend S&T’s Soda Shoppe. You can get regular meals here. But I recommend trying the ice cream as well. Let me tell you that the ice cream here is delicious! Big pieces, great flavor, and will leave you feeling full and happy. May be in a sugar delirium but no less happy

You can also walk up and down the main street to explore shops like the wonderful Deep River Mercantile.

I highlighted this post on the beach to plan a day trip. But there is plenty to do at Jordan Lake. You can also go camping, boating, kayaking, fishing, surfing, hiking, and there are programs offered.

Webcam Lietzow (rügen): Haus Seeblick

If you want more information we recommend that you check out the website or go to the visitor center when you visit.

If you want to switch to a weekend getaway and don’t want to go camping, head to nearby Jordan Lake B&B.

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For other accommodations in the area, I recommend searching, which I use to book accommodations while traveling.

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What it is: Today we went to Jordan Lake. I was ahead of baby #2, but I remembered that the beach I went to was sunny. This time we decided to go to a new beach to see if it would cool us off. We headed to Seaforth Beach after our morning there, our small group decided we could visit the lagoon every week, it was lovely! Although the temperature is stable in the 90s today, it is a perfect destination. There is an indoor picnic table for our lunch. Sandy beach for castles and caves and a secluded lake with a fairly large shallow area suitable for babies and toddlers to swim. At one end there is also a large playground that we didn’t get to because we were having fun playing in the water, as well as an outdoor bathroom and shower to wash off the sand at the end of our visit.

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What we liked: We loved the fact that there were picnic tables in the shade and a picnic shelter to escape the heat. In addition, the lake is perfect water for children, because there is no entrance and no waves. Swim back and forth in the water where they can stand. And my son, my 1 year old, can crawl in shallow water. We even saw two small fish swimming at our feet while swimming much to our toddler’s delight! The playground is perfect for the lack of water. The bathroom and shower room are nice.

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What we would change: The bad thing we have is flies that come to us while we are eating. while the kids didn’t even look upset. They found an old man’s foot and bit us a few words. I definitely recommend the bug spray. It is also a lake without rescuers. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your child. Although there is a big shallow But the water can get deep very fast. Also, my son seems to be very good at making his first dive into the lake as fast as he can. So we have to watch him all the time so he doesn’t drink too much in the lake. Alas, there is a $6 parking fee, so it’s not a free outing. But it’s worth it!

Address: You can find the exact location by searching for Seaforth, Jordan Lake, NC on google maps. Here’s the route from the Jordan Lake website: The entrance to Seaforth is on US 64 traveling west.

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