Murderous pirate Henry Every hid out in colonial America in the 1600s: detectorists

A rare coin for a time, the ground has provided new evidence that in the 1600s, one of the world’s worst people could not walk in America without complaint .

The new information presented also strengthens the information that the English buccaneer Henry All – the target of the first international assassination – hid in New England before sailing to Ireland and disappeared to in the air.

“At this point, the evidence is overwhelming and overwhelming,” historian and metal detectorist Jim Bailey, who has devoted years to solving the mystery, told The Associated Press. Nature. “Everyone has never thought of running in the country.”

In 2014, after finding a strange coin engraved with an Arabic inscription at a pick-your-own fruit orchard in Middletown, Rhode Island, Bailey began retracing every step.

Research has confirmed that the unusual coin was minted in 1693 in Yemen. Bailey later discovered that he had followed millions worth of coins and other valuables seized by All and his men in their September 7, 1695, sacking of Ganj-i -Sawai, a warship owned by an Indian king. Aurangzeb.

Historical records say that All gangs tortured and killed Indian sailors and raped many women before fleeing to the Bahamas, a haven for pirates. But word quickly spread of their crimes, and the English King William III – under great pressure from a scandalized India and the influential East India Company – gave a big money on their heads.

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Detectorists and archaeologists have since located 26 similar coins stretching from Maine to the Carolinas. All but three coins were turned in New England, and none could date later than when the Indian ship was captured.

Steve Album, a rare coin expert in Santa Rosa, California, who helped identify all the Arabic silver coins found in New England.

“But these coins have been found legally and in several archeological periods, and each one predates the sacking of the ship,” said Album, who lived in Iran and traveled throughout the Middle East.

Researchers have also discovered a gold nugget weighing 3 grams (one-tenth of an ounce) – a little heavier than a US penny – from a potato plant on top of the Little River. Compton, Rhode Island.

No evidence of native gold has been found in the state. Bailey and other experts believe that the results seem to have occurred somewhere on Africa’s Gold Coast, a place for the slave trade in the 17th and early 18th centuries. To add to the intrigue, two Arabic silver coins were recovered not far from the nugget, and Everyone knows that a lot of gold was caught while sailing off the coast of West Africa.

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The latest evidence that gives All in America soil is not just metal – it includes text and pixels.

Bailey had already found records showing that the Sea Flower, the ship used by All and his men after they abandoned the ship they had used in their massacre, arrived in 1696 in Newport , Rhode Island. It has since been revealed that the pirate captain was accompanied by three Rhode Islanders he had taken from another pirate ship when he escaped from India. All three arrived ashore with the All in the Bahamas on March 30, 1696, and Bailey said that they served as a pilot in exchange for booty.

Captured pirates William Phillips and Edward Savill testified on August 27, 1696, that one of the two ships that left the Bahamas went to Virginia and New England before reaching Ireland. Criticizingly, Bailey said, the record clearly shows that the long mud period has been misinterpreted by historians to indicate a period of two months on the Caribbean island – something that it does not was followed by evacuation.

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“There’s no way he’s in the Bahamas sitting on the beach and working on his face while waiting to be arrested,” Bailey said. “Instead, everyone in New England spent more than a month weighing his options for starting his new life in the provinces or returning home to England.”

Each exploit inspired Steven Johnson’s book “Enemy of All Mankind,” and the end of PlayStation’s popular “Uncharted” video game franchise. Earlier this year, Sony Pictures released a movie adaptation starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas.

Bailey’s next challenge: figure out what happened to All after the cold flight after he arrived in Ireland on June 20, 1696. It’s a mystery about the last chapter that doesn’t convincing – one he hopes to expand on in a future book about the flu.

“We are tracing the lost history behind one of the greatest crimes of the 17th century,” he said.

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