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Last updated on Saturday, November 12, 2022, 4:53 pm by Dennis Chabrol

Prime Minister Mark Phillips and Scouts

Prime Minister Mark Phillips on Saturday praised Scouting for countering the negative impacts of electronic gadgets and social media on forming closer human relationships.

“Scouting brings our young people together to enjoy time in each other’s company, to enjoy the outdoors, to enjoy recreational activities, promote healthy habits and to inculcate values ​​that will shape their outlook on life. Scouting gives our young people experience of Friendship and adventure, fun and teamwork,” he said.

Speaking at an event at the Scout Association of Guyana (SAG) headquarters to mark the 113th anniversary of Scouting in Guyana under the theme “Building Bonds and Making Memories”, he added “putting the fun back into childhood” to the theme.

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“The primary fear is that the time spent on digital devices is depriving our children of the type of rounded development that parents desire for them and that parents feel is essential for their mental and physical well-being,” he said. Mr Phillips, a retired Brigadier and former Chief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defense Force, observes that childhood experiences shape a mature character.

The Prime Minister said that many parents concerned about the interaction of their children do not spend so much time enjoying outdoor games and adventures “but instead bury their heads in their video games and mobile phones.” “Others expressed alarm about the untold hours their children spend on social media and worry that children will withdraw into themselves rather than be open to the world and human interaction.”

Prime Minister Mark Phillips chats with scouts at the Guyana Scout Association 2022 camp.

According to Mr Phillips, scouting promotes fellowship, fosters mutual respect for each other, nurtures the talents of youth to help them become self-confident as well as self-reliance, self-worth, social responsibility and respect for the environment. “Childhood should be a happy time for everyone. You don’t need a lot of money to have a happy childhood. You just need happy experiences and scouting provides such experiences,” he added.

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After the formal event, the Prime Minister, Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn, British High Commissioner Jane Miller, Director of Sports Suresh Singh and other invites tour the several camps for the 2022 National Scout Camp.

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The Guyana chapter of the Scout Association was founded two years after its counterpart in the United Kingdom and is the first such organization in the Caribbean.

Deputy Scout Chief Commissioner Yonnick David said Scouting provides a unique type of education that bridges the formal classroom and sports. “For many youths, it feels like a gap in their lives for those who don’t live in the most ideal situation,” said Mr David who started as a cub when he was eight years old.

He appealed that efforts be made to grow Scouting in Guyana, not only with more youths, but with more trained leaders and more groups. “Get youth together in your community and form youth groups,” he said. He credited the Guyana Police Force for using scouting to get youth off the streets and become properly organized.


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