Shennona Pixsee AI Smart Baby Monitor combines with Microsoft Azure for recording precious memories with an AI platform

Two years ago, a unique baby monitor that used artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately determine the cause of a baby’s crying – whether the baby might be hungry, sleepy or need a diaper change – was launched in the childcare market. The baby monitor can even actively play soft, soothing music to instantly calm a baby. The product was called “Pixsee AI Smart Baby Monitor” and it was built by Shennona, a Compal subsidiary.

What’s special about Pixsee is that it was the world’s first consumer product to be certified by Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub. By using the Azure IoT Hub at its core, Pixsee connects the cloud, the monitors and mobile phones to integrally manage all Pixsee devices. It also realizes high-speed and secure services by using Azure’s encryption technology and multiple information security solutions, thereby allowing parents to safely use Pixsee AI smart baby monitor and various app services.

Shennona, a Compal subsidiary, has created Pixsee AI Smart Baby Monitor

Shennona, a Compal subsidiary, has created “Pixsee AI Smart Baby Monitor” and has achieved high-speed and secure service design by integrating Pixsee and peripheral Internet of Things (IoT) products by using Azure IoT Hub; Credit: Shennona Co., Ltd.

Integrates cloud and local encryption to achieve a worry-free and secure experience

Shannon has many years of experience in the medical industry, and is expanding to cater to consumers of all ages. After developing smart medical solutions for the elderly, Shannona is now striving to build the Pixsee brand to cater to newborns by leveraging its existing competencies in AI and IoT technology and strengths in product design, which helped it win the iF Design Awards . of Germany in the past.

The goal of Pixsee is to provide 24/7 care for babies while storing all precious memories, which could, for example, be provided to the babies and their families. Pixsee’s AI can gradually learn and understand the people and objects found in the babies’ environments. The Pixsee team focused on AI-enabled voice recognition in the first stage, but recently the team has moved into the large-scale introduction of AI-enabled image recognition technologies. These are the fruitful results of the collaborations of the Pixsee AI team with Microsoft. Looking forward, Shennona will launch more peripheral equipment for Pixsee. Its features will gradually move from the basic requirement of providing “care” to a more well-rounded “edutainment” purpose by introducing “learning” and “play” functions.

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Pixsee’s comprehensive collaborations with Microsoft include the following three aspects: First, to build a comprehensive encryption system for the cloud and local AIoT products in order to ensure complete privacy protection for audio and video information, for both individuals and entire families. Second, to achieve a high-speed and secure service plan by integrating Pixsee and peripheral IoT products by using Azure IoT Hub. Third, as information security laws become more stringent around the world, Pixsee can accelerate its global expansion plans by relying on Microsoft’s highly compliant information framework to fulfill the requirements of personal information protection laws around the world.

Acquire more market opportunities by riding on the shoulders of giants

Given Microsoft’s strong AI team and its years of experience in AI research and development, Pixsee has made repeated efforts throughout the development process to use Microsoft’s AI platform to increase the competencies of its own internal AI development team. For example, in terms of safety, the covered face detection of a child requires an immediate response, and should therefore be deployed locally and directly built into the Pixsee device. On the other hand, the music scheduling service does not require immediate attention, so the function can be split between different devices. Some of its features may be cloud-based and may use the AI ​​derivative applications developed over several decades by Microsoft. This would help the Pixsee AI team overcome its manpower constraints. By riding on the shoulders of the Microsoft giant, Pixsee can achieve faster deployment to win more market opportunities.

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In addition, Pixsee uses financial institution-grade encryption for its baby monitor, which uses irreversible encryption along with Azure’s industrial encryption computing technology. In addition, in order to fully satisfy consumers’ requirements for privacy protection, Shannona also extended the length of encryption keys from 128 bits to 256 bits.

Pixsee’s brand positioning is not only limited to baby monitors. Going forward, it will also strive to build a record of the most touching moments of all family members and record them through an AI-enabled, smarter day-to-day life. It is expected that Microsoft’s continued support will be crucial for the Pixsee brand in the foreseeable future as Shannon moves to more diverse developments.

Build expandable core solutions to increase user loyalty

According to Terry Chang, Microsoft Asia-Pacific IoT Solution Specialist, there are three main types of assistance provided by Microsoft’s services to Pixsee.

A. Resource management – By using the Azure IoT Hub as a global resource management platform, Pixsee was able to comprehensively realize resource deployment and setup, remote data collection, firmware version control, resource life cycle management and edge-to-cloud safety management.

b. Information analytics – By using Azure Log Analytics in its backend, Pixsee can enhance the user experience and optimize the content of its app by performing multi-dimensional information queries from different data sources, including the Pixsee app, remote device monitoring data, and consumer data .

C. Information management – Azure Data Lake Storage helps Pixsee implement big data management; By using Azure Data Lake’s built-in data life cycle management function, hot and cold data can be automatically separated to not only reduce the cost of data storage, but also allow Shennona’s staff to focus on developing their core businesses.

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Pixsee has made repeated efforts throughout the development process to use Microsoft's AI platform

Pixsee made repeated efforts throughout the development process to use Microsoft’s AI platform to increase the competencies of its own internal AI development team. For example, in terms of safety, the covered face detection on a child requires an immediate response; Credit: Shennona Co., Ltd.

Going forward, it is expected that there will be even more close collaboration between Microsoft and Shannon’s Pixsee. Microsoft’s Senior Manager of Device Partner Sales Department Jimmy Huang compiled three main instructions. The first is “innovating quality solutions”, in which Azure’s AI, machine learning and a lot of tools and the Microsoft team’s experience and technical support can facilitate the Pixsee team’s development of more innovative solutions compatible with the use environment of The end user, thereby helping them to cater to the lifestyles of users. The second is “strengthening information security and transparency”. Microsoft has always been committed to information security; It can integrate edge-to-edge protection, AI and automated functions to tackle security concerns from all angles. Since privacy is a key issue for all of Pixsee’s various services, the company can use Microsoft’s diverse information security services including Defender, Sentinel and Purview to provide comprehensive information security protection and data governance.

Finally, in terms of “digital transformation”, Microsoft will help the Shannona team to build an expandable and repeatable core solution based on Pixsee. This will benefit the further development of Shennona’s terminal equipment, facilitate the loyalty of users to its services, and ultimately help the company to create a broader living and caring platform with even more enriched solutions.


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