The Lactation Network Expands Reach with Provider Network of America

CHICAGO–(GIFT) — The Lactation Network (TLN), the largest national network for the insurance of lactation services and products, today announced a new insurance partner, Provider Network of America (PNOA). PNOA is a national, direct, contract provider with presence in all 50 states that will add The Lactation Network to its network of services, which already has more than 27,500 clinics. hospitals and facilities, and 525,000 doctors nationwide. PNOA members now have access to more than 1,500 International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), the gold standard in lactation care, as well as pumps, equipment and replacement products from of TLN.

“PNOA is committed to contracting with the best service providers and facilities to ensure convenience for our member countries,” said Davie Rocha, PNOA’s Contract Manager. With increasing demand for prenatal and postnatal services, as well as recognition of the critical need for additional lactation support, partnering with The Lactation Network will allow us to so that our members and their families can access this critical care when they need it most.”

The Lactation Network reaches patients everywhere with an extensive network of lactation consultants available nationwide for families throughout their breastfeeding journey. Services available to PNOA members include lactation consultations, in-person/at home as well as over the phone, and business-selecting pumps and accessories, all paid for by them PNOA health insurance policies. This includes prenatal counseling, the key to setting up a successful family with a successful breast exam, an overview of what to expect and how to do it. as well as overcoming potential hiccups, recommendations for pumping, and time to ask questions, as well as postpartum conversations. to help families establish and maintain breastfeeding, and create a personalized plan, based on their goals, interests and lifestyle.

Despite the goal of breastfeeding, countless studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health agencies have shown that the method is successful. increased with support, and 90% of families who work with an IBCLC reach their breastfeeding goals. TLN’s clinical program has proven to be effective for breastfeeding success and maternal satisfaction. More than 70% of TLN parents meet their goal of breastfeeding for 6 months (the national average is only 25%), and 99% of patients recommend TLN services to friends and family.

“The postpartum period is simple, nuanced and very personal. The Lactation Network exists to improve the four trimesters for every family, and ensure that this important care is accessible be and include,” said Sarah Kellogg-Neff, CEO of The Lactation Network. “We are proud to partner with PNOA as we connect more families with the lactation support they deserve.”

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About the Lactation Network

The Lactation Network (TLN) is advocating for a world where all mothers have equal access to the important information and resources they need to take care of themselves and their babies. the best. A game changer in lactation health, forging a new, powerful model of care for all nursing mothers and their newborns, TLN’s mission is to make lactation sustainable and included. Through education, networking, and advocacy, they foster a network of inclusive care, where families and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) thrive. TLN is the destination for lactation education, a one-stop shop for lactation products and services, and a leading provider of lactation health knowledge. For more information and access to resources, please visit or follow on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.


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