Trump news latest: Trump calls for Mitch McConnell to be impeached as Oath Keepers message to him revealed

Donald Trump says Twitter has become ‘very boring’ since he was banned

In the context of the emergence of the far right, Donald Trump this morning called for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to be impeached, claiming that the Republican members of Congress “have something for him”.

The ex-president’s hatred of Mr McConnell is well known, but there is no reason to expect other Republican senators to unite against him. Mr McConnell has invested heavily in the Senate midterm campaign, while Mr Trump has spent a disproportionate amount of the money he has raised on his own legal fees.

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Mr Trump’s attack on Mr McConnell comes after news that a former top aide, Kash Patel, is set to testify before a grand jury investigating the handling of documents. Secretly at Mar-a-Lago after receiving immunity from prosecution.

Mr. Patel is a close adviser to the former president and maintains a close relationship with him. He was appointed as a representative for the National Archives and Records Administration.

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Meanwhile, the trial of the Oath Keepers yesterday saw prosecutors release a message to Mr Trump written but not delivered by the group’s leader, Stewart Rhodes, who faces a bond issue. in conjunction with the January 6 protest.


UPDATE: Judge appoints independent trustee for Trump Organization

A New York state judge is overseeing Attorney General Letitia James’ fraud charges against former President Donald Trump, his family, and his real estate and title company. authorized to issue a restraining order against the transfer of any of the manager or his company’s assets without notice. the court and the prosecutor’s office.

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New York County Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron on Thursday also granted Ms James’ request for an independent guardian to monitor compliance with her orders, appointed by list of recommendations from Ms James and the Trump Organization.

Andrew Feinberg has details on the new legal challenge to the former president.

Judge Bans Trump Organization From Transferring Assets

The decision means that Trump and his companies must be given court-ordered supervision with 30 days’ notice before ‘any plan or plan to re-establish Trump’ The Corporation, its subsidiaries, and all other affiliates, or on waste or recycling projects. of the Trump Organization’s key assets, or dispose of key resources’

Oliver O’Connell3 November 2022 20:32

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ICYMI: Trump joins the GOP chorus of conspiracy theories on the Paul Pelosi attack

The former president began making the controversial comments during a call to radio host Chris Stigall on Tuesday morning.

Johanna Chisholm reports.

Oliver O’Connell03.11.2022 20:05 TSI

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Twitter users falsely tweet that Donald Trump is dying to test the Musk-era reform agenda

Tweets falsely claiming that Donald Trump is dead are testing the contents of Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Many users started posting tweets that indicated that the former president had died in a protest against the new administration on Twitter.

Oliver O’Connell03.11.2022 19:35 TSI

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Trump’s lawyers are trying to influence the New York AG’s lawsuit, reports say

Show in The New York Times that members of Donald Trump’s legal team tried to intervene yesterday in the hours before he announced the impeachment against New York Attorney General Letitia James.

They warned the Florida prosecutors who wrote the impeachment (which at the time resembled the former president with his trademark arrogance and disdain) that it was implausible and would fail complete, and added that they can be illegal.

Maggie Haberman believes another Trump adviser is now coming to Bruce Epstein on the issue.

Here are more details about the charges against Ms James:

Oliver O’Connell03.11.2022 19:05 TSI


Fake BBC reporter jokes she has ‘new fan’ after Don Jr rejects her tryout

The BBC’s fake news has joked it has a “new fan” after Donald Trump Jr dismissed his new political experiment as “fake news”.

Mariana Spring of the BBC spoke to the Associated Press about the project. He created five fake Americans and created social media accounts for each of them, trying to teach about fake news and how it affects American politics.

Gustaf Kilander has an overview of Spring’s project and the response it received.

Oliver O’Connell03.11.2022 18:35 TSI

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Ted Cruz complains Trump doesn’t use the campaign in mind for GOP candidates

The Texas senator called out a former president during Tuesday’s episode of his podcast order, claiming that he was sitting on “a hundred million dollars” instead of using it to support pro-Trump candidates at the polls across the country.

Johanna Chisholm reports.

Oliver O’Connell03.11.2022 17:54 TSİ


ICYMI: Trump’s impeachment against Letitia James

Donald Trump announced on his social media account that he has filed a lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James, accusing her of acting “unreasonably, recklessly, publicly, and without leave.” against” against him.

The former president also claimed in a lawsuit filed in Florida Circuit Court that the New York attorney violated his privacy and property rights.

He said Ms James had breached her rights as a trustee and beneficiary of the Donald J Trump liquidation trust.

Mr Trump added that Ms James had done little to protect New York against serious crime.

The indictment said the attorney general’s goal was “to destroy him [Donald Trump] personal, financial, and political. “

Maroosha Muffazar there is a story.

Andrew Naughty03.11.2022 17:05 TSI


Why the Kash Patel deal could spell disaster for Trump

The security measures allowed Donald Trump’s aide Kash Patel to implicate the former president in legal proceedings, experts said.

According to legal experts, immunity for Mr Patel could mean that the jury is getting closer to the end.

Former US Attorney Barb McQuade told MSNBC that these deals are made when one has enough information about the case to be effective.

Sravasti Dasgupta there are many.

Andrew Naughty03.11.2022 16:35 TSI

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The role of the Trumps in the Paul Pelosi conspiracy theory storm

Details of the attack on Paul Pelosi are described in several court documents based on 911 calls, police video, surveillance footage and interviews with Mr. DePape himself, who was announced to the authorities that he is “sick of the crazy f****** level of lies out of Washington DC” and plans to send a message to members of Congress that there are consequences for their action.

But within 48 hours of the attack, the case of a man who appeared in a chemical attack, an online conspiracy that almost killed the Democratic House Speaker’s husband was thrown affected in the crisis by the same ecosystem that caused the attack.

Alex Woodward see how it unfolded, and how the Trumps fit.

Andrew Naughty03.11.2022 16:04 TSI

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Pelosi stops: Capitol Police begin questioning missing CCTV feed

The US Capitol Police has launched an internal investigation after officers monitoring CCTV cameras at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home did not detect the explosion that immediately preceded it. assault on Ms Pelosi’s husband last week.

Earlier this week, several media outlets reported that officers from the Washington DC food security agency had cameras installed to monitor the building. live Pelosi did not know what happened in the morning of 28 October until they saw the police cars with. Emergency lights were activated outside the speaker’s townhouse.

A surveillance camera officer only saw footage of suspect David DePape breaking the glass back door of the residence and entering it while reviewing footage from several hours ago come

Andrew Naughty03.11.2022 15:25 TSI


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