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Turtle Creek Pediatrics – I’m Daryl Curry and I’d like to share some of my personal stories about how I came to Turtle Creek Corral. I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. The fourth of four children – two sisters, one is ten and nine years older than me, and a one-year-old brother. My father was a police officer and my mother was a housewife. We lived in a post-World War II era where everyone was white, mostly Protestants (we were Southern Baptists) with a lot of Catholics. Nobody was rich, but nobody was poor either. Both of my parents are from rural Kentucky, and we spent all of our free time, such as weekends and holidays, at my grandmother’s tobacconist’s. To this day, when I see someone using tobacco products, I am reminded of the countless hours I spent in the tobacco fields, removing worms, sniffing, peeling, harvesting, and finally taking them to the warehouse to dry. . at the auction. I love my memories of all those years on the farm, but I’m always grateful that I didn’t have to be there, but that I was able to go back to Louisville for all the good things it had.

I did all my schooling in Louisville – from elementary school to high school, college and medical school. I was a very active person, I think this was my way of hiding the fact that I slept. My thought was, if I played sports, nobody would think about it… If I joined every club and society, I would be loved and nobody would care… If I got good grades, I would be jealous. not mocked. I knew from a young age, maybe puberty, that I was somehow different from the other boys in the neighborhood because I really wanted to take books to the other boys, not the girls….

Turtle Creek Pediatrics

During medical school, when I started struggling to come to terms with my sexuality, I decided that in order to do so, I needed to get out of Louisville and distance myself from family and society to try to be who I am.

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Well The children’s program at Dallas Medical Center seemed pretty far away. I drove a Ryder truck 850 miles from Louisville to my new home in Dallas in June 1983.

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I didn’t know anyone in Dallas. A friend moved here to live with us because he also wanted to meet; however, the first job he got in Dallas required him to travel 20 or more days a month, so I rarely saw him. A few weeks after we moved here, one weekend, one of the other interns and I were looking for something free to do because we were at work, but we had

Entertainment expenses. He found an ad for a men’s choir concert, the Turtle Creek Chorale, and tickets were $3 (although that was a little out of our budget). He knew that music was a big part of my life and he knew I had a background in choral singing, so we went to SMU for a show. During my college and medical school years, I sang at the Motet Singers of Louisville (a big deal for the Louisvilles) and leaving that source of friendship and camaraderie, and singing well, was probably harder than leaving my family. back (I knew I would see my family again many times, but I knew my days at Motet were over).

I was very impressed with the choir’s performance – not all of them looked like professional singers, but they looked very happy on stage. At the end of the show, someone invited all interested men to vote in the lobby for the new season auditions starting in August. I made it.

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I remember my audition after I sang for the newly hired director, Michael Crawford, he asked me when I looked at my audio sheet if I thought it was a problem at the hospital that one of his interns was singing in the GAY choir.

I didn’t know at the time that the choir was made up of gay people, but after a moment or two of reflection, I said, “I think this is going to be a problem.”

But, it was like the first problem. I’ve never been in a place with more than 1 or 2 people of the same sex – and that scared me A LOT. In fact, I was so nervous that I arrived 10 minutes late and left 10 minutes early for every practice to avoid meeting someone face-to-face and not chatting or doing what gay people do in groups. Remember, I said I’m new to this and still “testing the waters”. All those insecurities in high school and college about people finding out I was gay seemed small compared to the insecurities of being asked if I was “sexy enough” for this crowd. But as time went on, I think I had slept enough with the same sex, because it became clear to me in such a short time that I had found a home with boys. That was in 1983 and apart from a 7 year break I have been singing with the choir ever since. During those 7 years without a choir, I sang with a small group called 2 X 2, started by Janey Hall, with Janet Samuelson and Rod Faulkner, other singers, and Danny Ray as arranger/composer/accompanist. After 2X2 ended in 2007, I returned to the choir as music was and always will be an important part of my life.

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Tim Seelig became art director in 1986. Even though we didn’t have any money in the bank, we did our best to pay Tim the promised salary, but time was up. However, he continued to travel to Dallas every week from Houston for the first half of that period until he settled permanently in Dallas.

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I’m not here to tell Tim’s story, but by the way, I’ll tell you that he too was in search of a new identity and purpose. He was recently estranged from his wife, two children and his

The largest Baptist church in South Houston. It was a mess. He was asked to leave the church and the changes in his family disturbed him deeply.

So I think it’s a cliché, but it’s true nonetheless, that what we had was a “perfect storm” – meaning a series of unlikely events or events that came together, for whatever reason, to turn into what we now consider to be. the Turtle Creek Chorale – a mighty and mighty force in the community. .

The AIDS crisis was escalating in the mid-1980s, but we all know what happened over the next 20 years. Countless people around the world are sick and dying, including

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In the choir and no one seemed able to hear anything to do or help. With Tim’s strong leadership and innovative ways of setting goals, the choir has become a place of refuge for the community as we struggle to cope with this terrible disease. We have been able to provide comfort and solace through music and messages to many. We were able to help heal wounds through the beauty of music. More importantly, I think it was a song written by one of us, Kris Anthony, about loss, death and grief – “When We Go”. For those of you listening, you know how this shows how we were able to bring about the healing of our people. A feature-length documentary was made based on this book by Kris Anthony, who won an Emmy for producer Jenny Martin.

During the same period, we saw the membership grow to over 200 singers (in my first year it was 53 singers). We have become something unique and special to our community, and the community has rewarded us for participating and donating. Coral

. Over the years, the choir has also been a voice for other causes – perhaps the most prominent being our association with the Susan G Komen Foundation. To raise awareness of breast cancer, we organized a singing tour called “Singing for the Cure”, which is now being performed around the world and narrated by Dr. Maya Angelou.

Timi has been an art director for 20 years, I’m not going to pretend all those years were happy, full and conflict free. Tim is a

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Strong character and often caught the attention of other employees and the board of directors. However, I will say that the content happens behind the scenes

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