Vertical Mission Training establishes a VR helicopter training center

VRM Switzerland press release | November 8, 2022

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Vertical Mission Training is going to operate a professional simulator training center to improve training efficiency and flight safety in helicopter pilot training. Based on virtual reality motion simulators, built by VRM Switzerland, Vertical Mission Training will offer training on Robinson R22 and Airbus H125 VR devices. This enables Vertical Mission Training to provide the highest standards in creditable helicopter flight training, from student pilot to experienced commercial pilot. In addition, Vertical Mission Training secured an option for the VR Airbus H145 twin engine training device.

Realistic and affordable simulators enable every interested person to learn to fly under the guidance of experienced instructors. VRM Switzerland image

Leading edge technology for student pilot training

Vertical Mission Training, the helicopter operator based on passion and enthusiasm, is going to establish a helicopter simulator training center in the middle of the Ruhr region, Germany. A Robinson R22 FNPT II will be available for student pilots to learn basic maneuvers such as attitude flying, traffic pattern work and hovering. “Another advantage of this concept is to train emergency procedures safely and consistently. VRM Switzerland has proven in scientific research that it is possible to learn such skills on the simulator to apply them in the real helicopter without adaptation. This increases the learning Efficiency by reducing costs, this even environmentally friendly, “Fabi Riesen CEO of VRM Switzerland comments.

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More realistic emergency training than in reality

The “flat ship” of the center is an EASA qualified Airbus H125 FTD Level 3. The simulator represents the flight experience of the real helicopter, which is confirmed by Airbus Helicopters factory instructors and test pilots. Thanks to the combination of ​​a virtual reality 3D visual system, a highly dynamic movement platform and the realistic flight behavior, the system received the seal of quality as an Airbus approved training device. All this enables execution of license and operator proficiency checks on the flight simulation training device (FSTD). In scenario-based training pilots can develop their competencies to improve their flight safety. Compared to trainings and checks in the real helicopter, the simulator allows to manage emergency situations as they would happen. “With VRM Switzerland we found our technology partner to bring our training to the next level and create room for new influences in established concepts,” said Robby Jansch, flight instructor at Heli NRW.

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Fascination helicopter for everyone

These realistic and affordable simulators can now present the fascination of helicopter flying to the public. Any interested person can try to fly under the guidance of experienced instructors. Step by step without risk, affordable and without time pressure, because the unique flight assistance of VRM Switzerland enables to hand over single controls to the pilot, as in reality.

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“The accessibility to professional simulator technology for flight students in early stages of their training is a game changer in the business. We are happy to be among the first adopters,” said Holger Lubbe, founder.

This press release was prepared and distributed by VRM Switzerland.


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