Village Of Bartlett Water Bill

Village Of Bartlett Water Bill – Bartlett residents will begin receiving softened Lake Michigan water two years after connecting to the DuPage Water Commission’s system.

The village council voted to make the changes in December, and the contract expired on February 7.

Village Of Bartlett Water Bill

The average Bartlett household uses about 6,000 gallons of water per month at a cost of $38.16. With the changes to the DuPage Water Commission, officials said they expect the average monthly water bill to increase from $72 to $83.

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“This will be a major and highly anticipated upgrade for the Village of Bartlett, providing high quality soft water to all residents,” Village of Bartlett President Kevin Wallace said in an email. “Although rates will increase to make this transition, the Village has maintained water and sewer rates constant over the past five years.”

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Wallace said some of the water bill increases will be phased in over the next two to three years and offset by homes that don’t need water softeners.

Currently, 60 percent of Bartlett’s water comes from Elgin Town and 40 percent comes from village wells.

Officials said the decision to use Lake Michigan water from the DuPage Water Commission came after citizen complaints about water quality and the smell of algae blooms in the Fox River, Elgin’s water source.

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Bartlett considered a water offer from the Northwest Suburban-Elgin Joint Water Action Board, which originally offered to reduce the cost of water to the village.

Bartlett officials said negotiations with Elgin have taken longer than expected and some of the proposed terms have changed.

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In a complex agreement, Bartlett will pay the DuPage Air Commission a purchase fee, called a capital recovery cost, of $13,030,632 through interest-free loan payments over 30 years to the commission.

Officials said installing 5 1/2 miles of 30-inch water main could cost up to $21 million. The cost is paid through a 20-year loan with interest rates ranging from around 2% per annum.

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In addition, Bartlett will produce approximately $23 million in improvements, which will include a new water tower, pumping station and upgrades to existing water lines.

The new connecting pipe begins at the DuPage Water Commission reservoir near Central Avenue and Roselle Rose. Then head west to the Village Public Works facility near Stearns Road and Bittersweet Drive.

“We are excited to have Bartlett,” said DuPage Water Commission Chairman Jim Zay. “Our fixed costs will now be spread over 25 customers instead of 24, and this is an advantage of pumping more water. We expect water sales to decrease by 2 percent annually as people in general learn more and more how to use water.” save..”

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“The DuPage Water Commission has provided our members with quality and reliable water for many years, so we look forward to becoming a member,” Wallace said.

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