What the staff at Old Firehouse suggests for your next great read

Each week as part of SunLit – the literary section of The Sun – we feature staff recommendations from bookstores across Colorado. This week, the staff from Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins recommends “Even I Knew the End,” “Independence Day: The Stories of George Saunders” and “The White Horse.”

Although I Knew the End

By CL Polk
November 2022

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From the publisher: An exile who sold his soul to save his brother’s life is given one last job before serving eternity in hell. When he turns around, his client sweeties him with one payment he can’t resist – the chance to have a future where he can grow old with the woman he loves. In order to succeed, he is given three days to track down the White City Vampire, Chicago’s most notorious serial killer. If you fail, only hell and hearts await.

From Nicole, events and advertising: CL Polk is really, really good at heartbreaking romance, twisted mystery, and weaving the two together. With angels and demons clashing over magic in the dark, glittering world of Noir Chicago, this book is simply beautiful. Even if you know the end of the story, letting Helen retell it is worth every page, every word. There is a lot of love in this book. Also killing. So, you know, it’s perfect.

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Independence Day: The Stories of George Saunders

By George Saunders
A strange house
October 2022

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From the publisher: “The best short story writer in English” (Time) is back with a masterful collection that explores ideas of power, ethics, and justice and cuts to the heart of what it means to live in community with other people. With his trademark prose – brutally funny, ruthless, and perfectly orchestrated – Saunders continues to challenge and shock: Here is a collection of beautiful, touching stories that include joy and despair, oppression and transformation, extraordinary imagination and brutal reality.

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From Kelvin, the bookseller: It can be difficult to categorize Saunders’ short fiction: Are they predictable morality tales? Otherworldly science fiction? Or maybe reality sounds less than our everyday? Let’s say they are all of the above, and not the same.

The White Horse

By Erika T. Wurth
Flatiron Books
November 2022

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From the publisher: “The White Horse” by Erika T. Wurth is a horror, thriller debut novel about a Native woman who must confront her past when she discovers a bracelet possessed by her mother’s spirit. Kari James, of Urban Native, is a fan of heavy metal, ripped jeans, Stephen King novels, and dive bars. He spends most of his time at his favorite place in Denver, a bar called the White Horse. There, he tries his best to ignore his past and the questions surrounding his abandoned mother. But soon after her cousin Debby brings her a traditional necklace that once belonged to Kari’s mother, Kari starts seeing disturbing visions of her mother and a mysterious creature. When the visions won’t go away, Kari must uncover what happened to her mother all those years ago.

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From Teresa, the bookseller: Erika T. Wurth explodes into the writing space like a wrecking ball and destruction leaving in her wake a glorious story that explores family, roots and the difficult things we must face in our lives. This book was creepy enough (without being over the top) that the evening I read it I would often leave the lights on while constantly looking over my shoulder. A brilliant start and I’m excited to see what Wurth comes up with next. Fans of Stephen Graham Jones’ “The Only Good Indians” will love this book.


Old Firehouse Books

232 Walnut St., Fort Collins


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