Zion Hill Baptist Church Atlanta

Zion Hill Baptist Church Atlanta – Community Cornerzion Hill Baptist Celebrates Okumo, Their Youth Rites Okumo is the culminating or graduation ceremony for the young men and women of the ZHBC Rites of Passage program.

Zion Hill Baptist Church located at 6175 Campbellton Road in Atlanta will present the “Oukumo Closing Ceremony” on Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. Admission is free.

Zion Hill Baptist Church Atlanta

Okumo is the culminating or graduation ceremony for young men and women in the ZHBC Rites of Passage program. Serengeti: Pride of Africa is the theme of this 2012 celebration.

Zion Hill Baptist Church To Celebrate 150 Year Anniversary With Upcoming Events

More than forty students enrolled in a 13-week program inspired by the historic teachings of the Christian faith and African culture – new knowledge to build bridges of strength, pride and determination for future success as leaders in the local and international community.

In the program’s 18th year, graduates between the ages of 13 and 18 will join more than 400 graduates who have completed the program since its inception in 1994. They symbolically cross boys (Adigun Nkozi) and girls (Kentake). From youth to adulthood, family and friends celebrate their journey from youth to adulthood.

Mrs. Sheila Parker, wife of the Honorable Aaron L. Parker and coordinator of the Rites of Passage program, explains: “This year’s theme, The Serengeti: African Pride, compares our youth to the children of the African lion pride and age.” Also, they often use Christian Bible references as sons of the “Lion of Judah” to bless the elders who taught them important life lessons that prepare them to approach life with knowledge and training in their roles as a royal nation.

The Rites of Passage program is one of many programs designed to engage and empower Zion Hill youth and other youth in the community to take advantage of this unique training. The public is invited to witness the closing ceremony and significant accomplishments as students graduate from one of the most innovative programs of its kind in the context of church and youth ministry.

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Zion Hill Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Use the following steps to determine if you need to fill phone space in Red Room prints and photos to see the actual product. In some cases, a surrogate (alternative image) is available, often in the form of a digital image, photocopy, or microfilm.

To contact reference staff in the Print and Photo Reading Room, please use our Ask a Librarian service or call the Reading Room at 202-707-6394 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., and press 3. The words “Zion’s Hill” appear. . For over 138 years a capital letter that has been the name of our church appears in front of it in lowercase as “Baptist Church,” acknowledging our history as a Baptist fellowship while at the same time suggesting that we do not. Allow man-made denominations to separate us from other Christian traditions. Good-hearted people from all over the world!

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The purple mark shown in the background is from the rock above the water pool. The image assumes that at least one stone is already floating in the water, representing that Zion Hill has already created a positive and powerful impact on society and the world through love and service. This theme of water is also confirmed by the command from our Savior to baptize the whole world. The tides indicate how the influence of our Christian practice has spread from this center of faith to those inside and outside the Church.

A rock that has not yet fallen into the water means that our work is never done; It reminds us to continue our efforts to exert divine influence in our immediate environment and beyond. The color purple, which refers to the country in general, represents the passion of Christ, and it serves as a reminder that all our work, despite the difficulties, should be guided by the great example and sacrifice of our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ! Atlanta, Ga. () – Zion Hill Baptist Church in Atlanta’s year-long 150th anniversary celebration will continue with two upcoming events for parishioners and the public to enjoy.

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Zion Baptist Church Worship Center

According to officials, “is a call to worship, love and serve others. Love and service are the foundation of Zion Hill Baptist Church, responding to God’s call to help the needs of the local, national or international community.

Located in the 6100 block of Campbellton Road, the church opened its doors in 1872 in a Brush Harbor house of worship at the corner of Glenn and Humphreys Streets in Atlanta.

Reverend Aaron L. Parker, Ph.D., says a year-long celebration of the 150-year journey from the Breast Harbor House of Worship at the corner of Glenn and Humphreys streets in Atlanta in 1872 to the campus at 6175 Campbellton Road. ‘e City of South Fulton, GA.

“The 150th anniversary is not only a celebration of the church’s rich history, but also an opportunity to bless the community, while the motto of the church is “Living to love, loving to serve.” The 150th anniversary kicked off with a two-day event in March.

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On Saturday, the “Journey Home” procession will begin at 9 a.m., officials said. Continue to Zion Hill Baptist Church, 670 McDaniel Street, and stop at 815 Lynhurst Drive. At 14:00 the driver returns to the church.

Officials say attendees and visitors will be able to see a replica of Brush Harbor, where the founders worshiped in 1872.

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